Jabadabado: Crane with magnet
Jabadabado: Crane with magnet

Jabadabado: Crane with magnet


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Ooh a perfect crane like these on the road just for you!

A wooden crane with blocks and a magnet, the size that little hands can hold and very light!

The crane is stable has 8 cylindrically shaped blocks and a magnet on top so it can move them out of the way. You can turn it on any side you want as it rotates in different directions and also goes up and down.

Of course, there is a proper driver with their helmet to be safe to drive the crane properly.

A very fun game that helps develop motor skills and thinking skills at a young age.

The toy includes 8 reels in different colours, a detachable trailer and 1 guide

Age: 18 months+

Material: Wood, plastic, metal

Product size: 33 x 10 x 21 cm