Crocs’ Outfit BS Toys
Crocs’ Outfit BS Toys

Crocs’ Outfit BS Toys


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Crocs ’Outfit is an incredible arithmetic game that includes 101! cards to make calculations easy, cards with crocodile clothes as well as coins! Our favorite suction cups are here again for a quick grip of the card with the right result.

The purpose of the game is to calculate as fast as you can the product of the clothes that the crocodile is wearing and the card that you will draw! Speed ​​is important! You must be the first to catch the right card with the suction cup! For the first time you can use the back of the cards with the simplest results!

Crocs ’Outfit is an educational game that will teach children to multiply in an easy and fun way!

Team, Synchronization, Creative, Educational!


The cards are made of thick cardboard

The suction cups are made of wood and rubber.

Product size:

101 cards: 9 x 9 cm
4 Colorful suction cups